El Teide and the forest.
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El Teide and the forest.

May 24, 2017
El Teide and the forest.

One of the road that bring you on El Teide pass through an incredible wood made by high pines, everywhere trees.
Great atmosphere, you feel the nature there and you can play with amazing roads, light between the trees and shadows. Wonderful pictures there are just waiting for you.

We’ll go with my car (not confortable, sure, but rough) ’cause we also have a little off road trip.
Of course, coming back, we’ll have a look at Roque Garcia and some other amazing places on the vulcan.

Necessary: trekking or sport shoes. Warm jacket. Tripod (I have two more if needed). Water.

Timing: 46 hours about

Location: on El Teide.

Cost: 150 euro/person.

Max 3 photographers

To join write me: TEIDEFOREST

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Learn photography discover tenerife with this opportunity ! Great places at the best hours with a professional landscaper photographer available for you.