Abades, the (never opened) leprosary.
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Abades, the (never opened) leprosary.

May 23, 2017

Many stories about this (never opened) leprosary.  Ghost atmosphere, ruins, 40 buildings and a church.
Incredible to see, you have to take photos to him if you are a photographer in vacation in Tenerife.

We’ll go by car (with mine, better in this case… there’s no normal road to go) and then we will lose ourself in the ghost city.

Necessary: trekking or sport shoes. Water.

Timing: 4 hours about

Location: in the south.

Cost: 60 euro/person.

Max 3 photographers

To join write me: ABADES

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Learn photography discover tenerife with this opportunity ! Great places at the best hours with a professional landscaper photographer available for you.